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Industrial production area

An area of approximately 5000 square meters has been designed for INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION.
In this area there are 4 warehouses built on metallic structure with locking devices, made out of thermal insulator panels. Each of the 4 warehouses is provided with individual air-conditioning systems and have the following areas:
- 1 small warehouse x 380 square meters
- 2 medium warehouses x 810 square meters
- 1 large warehouse x 1210 square meters
The interior spaces are designed in order to provide a maximum flexibility, depending on the beneficiary's requests. The spaces can be modified, at request, especially for offices (e.g.: call centers).
In this area it is also included a GENERAL DEPOSIT with a total area of 1732 square meters that serves the entire campus. This warehouse is an enclosed building equipped with its own air-conditioning system that ensures an adequate microclimate for the manufactured products.

Spaces within this area

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