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"HIT Park is very well designed, very well built.(...) The hard part passed, now the hardest part begins regarding what is going to happen here...It is very difficult to get to this level, it is very hard to keep up at the same level.(...) Moldova area has very good programmers, it is not just a saying, it is a reality, a measurable reality. The majority of programmers coming from Romania that work for Microsoft are natives from Moldova area and formed at Iasi University..." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)



Varujan Pambuccian
President of the IT Committee from the Deputy Chamber - 2005

"The investment is welcomed in an area with an important economical potential...(...) I am convinced that the proactive management of HIT Park will succeed and I am expecting the IT industry to flourish here in Bacau. (...) HIT Park Hemeius completes the activity of the Technological Park from Iasi (Tehnopolis), which is mainly concentrated on research. These are two initiatives that complete each other in this region. (...) HIT Park must have an attractive effect for investors from the area, it is a process  that will resemble a snowball and we will see its results on long term." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)

Jonathan Scheele
Head of the European Committee Delegation in Romania

”With this Park and its extension, with the IT, with the software and intellectual property and everything that was said here, you can bring in the county lots of money, all you have to do is to concentrate yourselves a little in this direction...(...)In the company that I run, from approximately 100 employees, 20 come from your area..." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)


Radu Georgescu
President GeCAD Company