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Vimercati East Europe

Vimercati Spa is an independent Italian company  with fields of activity that consist in designing, industrializing and producing electromechanic and electronic components, modules, mecatronic ensembles and integrated devices for the auto industry. The company is a first class producer with high specialization and advanced technology, extremely flexible, with 60 years of experience in auto industry. The excellency in quality, the product reliability and the services offered represent the foundation of the company's reputation, which is based on long term relations developed with brand name producers from the auto industry. The componenets manufactured by Vimercati Spa are dedicated to the original equipments and are shipped straight to the final client, such as: BMW, Rolls Royce, Mini, Volkswagen, PSA, Renault, Opel, Nissan, General Motors, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Iveco, Pinifarina, Maserati, Ferrari. 

In order to remain competitive regarding the costs, Vimercati Spa began in 2007 an internationalization process and the first step was to found Vimercati East Europe in Hemeius, Bacau, Romania. Vimercati East Europe (VEE) is a romanian company whose shareholder is Vimercati Spa. VEE was founded in December 2007. Vimercati East Europe hired and trained staff, therefore started its activity in April 2008. The company's field of activity is ensembling mecatronic components for auto industry. Vimercati East Europe carries on its activities in two production warehouses at HIT Park: one rented warehouse with an area of 450 m² and one owned warehouse with an area of 2500 m².  The building process of the owned production warehouse took only 4 months ( January - May 2009) and in june 2009 strated the production process (BMW PZS for the Ruko switch, on the 16th of June). The final clients of the products ensembled by Vimercati East Europe are: BMW, Renault and Fiat. The products are part of the following categories: airbag switches, sensors, fix and mobile containers, light pannels, USB ports. The company has 90 employees.