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In judicial reorganisation
The needs and expectations of our clients have always priority. Our goal is to offer high standards and unquestionable services.
HIT Park invites you to explore the opportunities that it has to offer.


Basic services

  • Security and guard services inside the property
  • Cleaning services for all the public spaces (the common spaces inside the buildings, building exterior spaces, access ways outside the buildings, exterior building and windows cleaning)
  • Parking lots inside the property
  • Full-time access to the structured network inside the property (data transfer inside the property at speeds up to 100 Mbps is free of charge), following the usage regulations established by HIT Park
  • Full-time access to the internal voice network and station (phone calls inside the property are free of charge), following the usage regulations established by HIT Park
  • Promoting signs (identification signs in the places specially assigned by HIT Park) and web link to the client's homepage from the official HIT Park homepage

Optional services

  • Consulting and assistance services (juridical, administrative, business). Preparing, approving and attesting documents in relation with the local authorities, drawing up business plans, marketing studies, business assistance, juridical and financial consulting
  • ATM machine
  • Web services, e-Marketing, advertising and promoting services. With this promoting service, your website can be accessed by the visitors of our website. At your request, we also offer web design and website administration services
  • Training and certification services. Training and certification center universally recognized: soft, sales, marketing, etc.
  • Secretarial services. We offer services like fax, e-mail, typing, and mail, etc.
  • HR services (identifying and selecting personnel, training on request). We offer a database with the persons looking for a job, on the requested field and profile
  • Renting services for conference rooms, business meetings, and training courses. We have special dedicated rooms for events such as seminars, conferences, presentations, training, business meetings
  • Event organizing services, catering. There are dedicated spaces, a restaurant, and fast food, for organizing events such as new product lines festivities, festive meals and so on.
  • The selected optional services will be annexed to the contract with the negotiated detailed prices and the contract terms regarding these services